VirmTech offers an extended warranty for both parts and labor. The warranty covers parts and labor for a duration from 6 months, and it applies to both the service performed and any parts that were replaced. To schedule a warranty inspection, please call us.

Warranty Inspection Regulations and Guidelines:

  • The warranty excludes any components not replaced during repair.
  • The warranty becomes invalid after its expiration.
  • Exclusions from warranty coverage include obstructions of any nature.
  • The warranty will be void in cases of improper usage, and/or any damage directly or indirectly caused by the user.
  • The warranty will not apply if foreign objects enter the appliance’s pumps, motors, or other mechanical parts.
  • Our primary goal is to minimize repair expenses by attempting to fix your appliance without part replacement.
  • The warranty will not be applicable if the same issue reoccurs, necessitating the purchase of replacement parts.