Is your washer acting up? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Washer troubles are a common headache for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA. Fortunately, VirmTech’s washing machine repair services are here to help. Let’s dive into the top 5 most common washer issues and some advice on how to handle them.

Leaking Water

Leakage is a common headache. It can result from a loose hose, damaged gasket, or worn-out pump. Check the hose connections for tightness and examine the gasket for signs of wear. If the problem persists, consider calling in the washing machine repair master at VirmTech for a thorough inspection.

Washer Won’t Start

This is another one of those problems that our clients regularly face. Here’s what you can do:
  1. Check the power source. Ensure your washer is plugged in and receiving power. If it’s plugged in but still not working, try a different outlet.
  2. Door latch. Ensure the door is securely closed, as some washers won’t start if the door isn’t properly latched.
  3. Circuit breaker. Check your circuit breaker for a tripped fuse. Reset it if necessary.

Noisy Operation

Is your appliance making unusual noises that disrupt your laundry room’s peace and quiet? Loose belts, worn-out bearings, or foreign objects trapped in the drum are often the culprits. For minor issues, tightening belts and removing obstructions can help. For complex problems, such as bearing replacement, consult our experts for washing machine repair service.

Poor Spin Cycle

When your clothes come out sopping wet, it’s a sign that the spin cycle isn’t working as it should. The issue could be linked to a worn-out drive belt, a damaged motor coupling, or an imbalanced load. You can try redistributing the load to balance it better, but if the problem persists, it’s best to consult our team.

Washer Not Draining Properly

There may be several reasons for this. Please note the following:
  • Clogged drain filter - Locate the filter (usually near the bottom of the machine), and clean it regularly to prevent blockages;
  • Hose – Ensure the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed. Straighten it out if necessary.


Remember, when the washer issues become more than you can handle, VirmTech is here to help. With our expert services, including Whirlpool, LG, or Bosch washing machine repair, and more, we’re your trusted partner for keeping your washing machine in the best condition possible.

Don’t let appliance troubles disrupt your laundry routine; contact us today for swift and reliable washing machine maintenance in Toronto and the GTA. We repair washing machines, so you can enjoy clean and hassle-free laundry once again.